Email Marketing!

Building an email list is big business. Its how smart businesses turn one time sales into lifetime customers. An email address of a qualified customer in your chosen market could be worth £1000’s over the space of a year. Essentially you want to attract customers to your site and capture their email address. If they don’t buy from you that day, chances are they will eventually; as once they’re on your mailing list as they will get regular emails about your products and services, most of which are sent on autopilot by your email autoresponder. You’ll nurture them into loyal customers that keep on buying.  Email marketing is the main business model for successful online retailers and your list is your business.


MailChimp set up and management

MailChimp is our email marketing software of choice. It’s the best. We calculate costs ( based on time ) for setting up and managing your email campaigns depending on the size and complexity of your project. Contact me to get a quote for whatever you’ve got in mind, from basic set up to the creation of automated sequences (  custom soap opera sequences ) to warm up your leads.